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Marin County Farmers Markets: Finding the Fall Bounty

23 Oct

Although the seasonal transitions in Marin do not hold the drama found in the east given our more subtle color and temperature shifts, the farmers markets are the place to be if you want to get that fall feeling. I recently had a post published on Summer Tomato the blog of Darya Rose, a San Francisco advocate of local, seasonal foods and author of the book Foodist whose approach centers on food enjoyment rather than restriction. Continue reading

Processed vs. Real Food

6 Jun

If you’re looking for advice on “getting and staying healthy“, you’d think your health insurance provider might be a place to start. They certainly have a vested interest in keeping you away from the doctor’s office. But the word healthy is so broadly defined. My daughter will ask me when I make something like muffins or pancakes if they’re healthy, and my stock answer is that if you maintain a balanced diet and don’t face any particular health issues, there’s not a problem with enjoying a large variety of foods including the occasional scratch sweet. Continue reading