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Easter Bunny Cake

29 Mar

Easter Bunny Cake - Version 3_opt-1Easter is the crafty holiday – dyed eggs, decorated baskets and of course, bunny cake. Above is my version…not a beauty but it fits the classic genre. And underneath the fluffy frosted exterior, it’s simply a chocolate layer cake on its side so it should please all ages. I omit the step of covering the frosting with coconut since my kids don’t like it, but for presentation purposes, I suppose that would give it an edge. Continue reading

Todd English Chocolate Chip Cookies

15 Mar

I haven’t made cookies in a while since my daughter and her friends tend to take the lead in baking them these days. Great for me. But I needed to make a batch for an event and recalled having thought this recipe a contender for the best. It’s got great depth of flavor with toasted nuts, a bit of espresso and lots of chocolate. No way would my daughter accept nuts and espresso in her cookies so now was the time to proceed, sans objection. Continue reading

Brine for Pork, Chicken or Turkey

5 Dec
Brine for Pork, Chicken or Turkey

The brine combines water, sugar,
kosher salt and herbs/spices

Brine for Pork, Chicken or Turkey

Add the pork and let sit in the refrigerator
for two to twenty four hours.

Brining has proven to be a great discovery.

Marinades and rubs have their place, but for a simple process that leads to incredibly flavorful and tender meat, brining is the answer.  It’s a simple technique that elevates your chicken or pork from so-so to great. Continue reading