About The Real Deal Marin

After many years developing and executing conferences related to community wellness and healthcare delivery, I transitioned the focus of my research to food policy and nutrition. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, a region that is all about great eating and is at the forefront of the food movement, I have had the opportunity to be inspired by many leaders in the field, including Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, Oran Hesterman and others, all of whom are part of a community creating awareness and driving change around food system reform.

The mission of The Real Deal is to draw attention to the current issues including access and affordability,  childhood obesity and junk food marketing to encourage better food choices and promote home cooking as a means of addressing our society’s reliance on the convenience of processed products. Blog posts include straightforward, seasonal recipes for every day as well as tips and shortcuts to making slow food fast. Some recipes are my own and others have been shared by friends or adapted from or inspired by websites or cookbooks.

Make It SimpleThe recipes are built on real ingredients, abide by my make-it-simple cooking philosophy, require a manageable number of steps and hopefully will be the ones you come back to again and again.

The Whole Pantry

The Whole Pantry

This blog serves as a link to The Whole Pantry, a service that addresses the common roadblocks to purchasing and preparing healthier foods including lack of time, organization, skill and/or inspiration. I set up kitchens to maximize efficiency and provide the tools, ingredients and recipes to streamline meal preparation.

Stay In or Go Out?

Not up for cooking but looking for a place to go where whole ingredients are used and prices are reasonable? Follow this link for a list of small eateries in Marin.

Eat Real Food

Ultimately, it is taste that drives what we eat and not only is real food delicious, it is nutritious and satisfying and offers more value. Beyond satiating hunger, food at its best roots us in tradition, provides the comfort of ritual, connects us to our past, bonds us within communities, teaches us about other cultures and propels us to educate. But our time-challenged reality doesn’t necessarily support the effort it takes to cook.

My goal is that as you read this blog, you’ll find the incentive to cook more and to seek out the best in food. And because cooking is all about community, I encourage you to share via email or comments your food stories and recipes.

Thanks for reading!


Press for The Real Deal Marin

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Center for Science in the Public Interest

The Marin IJ

Guest Posts including Summer Tomato 

The Southern Marin Mothers Club Newsletter

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